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Kosher & Shiva Gift Baskets

    What is Kosher?
    Kosher certification is a process by which a company ensures that their food is kosher, or in
    other words, fit for consumption by observant Jews; who according to the Bible they can't
    consume certain animals, fowl and fish (such as pork and rabbit, eagle and owl, catfish and
    sturgeon), most insects, and any shellfish or reptile. In addition, kosher species of meat and
    fowl must be slaughtered in a prescribed manner, and meat and dairy products may not be
    manufactured or consumed together.


We carry a full assortment of Kosher favorites designed in kosher theme  filled with famous brands all kosher gourmet foods.

** All Certified Kosher Products**

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Kosher Delight-2 Size
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Shiva Gourmet * 3 Sizes
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Kosher Fruit & Treats-2 Sizes
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Cinnamon Coffee Cake-2 Style
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Godiva Galore-4 Style Options
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Kosher Supreme-3 Sizes
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Sweet Kosher Gourmet 2 size
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Exquisite Tower Treats-2 Option
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OH Ghirardelli -2 Colors Option
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It’s All Kosher-2 Sizes
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Ghirardelli Chocolate
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Granny Smith Apple Coffee Cake
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